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  • Model: JG300/JG300A

Stainless Steel Bone Saw CE Approval


Stainless Steel Bone Saw CE Approval JG300/JG300A
Model#:JG300( Painted body)/ JG300A( stainless steel)
Voltage: 380v
Frequency: 50Hz
Weight: 98kg/100kg
Power: 1.5kw
Belt Wheel Dia: 300mm
Blade Speed: 15m/s
Table Size: 712x662mm
Cuttibg Thickness: 30-250mm
Dimensions: 780x710x1690mm

◇The bone saw of series JG, a kind of bone processing machine, has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, safe and convenient operation and fine appearance. It is an ideal breaking device for meat, bone, frozen meat, poultry and fish, which can be widely used in hotel, restaurant, food processing factory and slaughter-house.
◇The parts of the saw that contact the food directly are stainless steel or special treated on their surface, which are all in line with the national food hygienicy standard.

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