Product Details
  • Model: SF-260

Rapid Sausage Filler SF-260


Product Name: Rapid Sausage Filler SF-260
Model: SF-260
Power: 750w
Voltage: 220v
Bowl Dia: 200mm
Productivity: 90kg
Dimensions: 640x485x1240mm
Certificate: CE

◇1.The rapid sausage filler of series SF is an ideal device used for processing and filling Chinese sausage, sausage, ham and egg in meat processing enterprise and individual industrial and commercial unit.
◇2.It is designed with stainless steel structure, luxurious and artistic appearance, low noise and high efficiency.
◇3.The sausage filler is with large volume charging basket and up-down filling by hydraulic pressure system.
◇4.The double control between conversed switch and foot pedal switch makes it safer to operate.
◇5.The side-linked hydraulic pressure package make it more convenient to install, remove and maintain this sausage filler.

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