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  • Model: TR-21

Melon and Fruit Cutter TR-21


Product Name: Melon and Fruit Cutter TR-21
Model: TR-21
voltage : 220v
Frequency : 50HZ
Power : 0.25 KW
Disc diameter : 204mm
Production Capacity: 120kg/h
Dimensions : 400x220x430mm
Net Weight: 18 kg
Certificate: CE

◇Each machine is complete with 6 disc blades : C2, C3, AS3, P3, C10, F10
◇With fineappearance and compact structure ,easy to operate and work reliably .
◇The Melon and fruit cutter with fine appearance and compact structure .they are easy to operate and work reliably.
◇ALL parts that contact he food directly are made of stainless steel ,which are endurable in use and in conformity with national food hygienicy standard .they are ideal machines for all kinds of chinese and western resturants to prepare the food materials .

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