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  • Model: TJ22A/TJ22B

Meat Mincer TJ22


Product Name: Meat Mincer TJ22
Model: TJ22A(Outer Painted Steel Body)/TJ22B(Outer Polished All Alloy Body)
Voltage: ~220V/3~380V
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Weight: 36kg
Power: 0.75kW
Production Capacity: 220kg/h
Dimensions: 400x240x450mm
Remark: TJ22A-Outer ardal, painted; TJ22B-Outer ardal, polished

◇TJ22A/TJ22B meat mincing machines are driven through gear system, this machine is compact in construction, of smooth and reliable running, and good looking. The parts in contact with meat are made of stainless steel, and the housing is made of aluminum-alloy, all are in conformity with hygiene standard. The machines are suitable for meat mincing in hotels, restaurants, kitchens and canteens

Operation and Maintenance:
◇A. Before operation, check that the power supply corresponds to that required by the machine, and the external earthing wire is reliably connected.
◇B. Remove the mincer head from the machine, wash the parts discounted with clean water, reassemble the parts as original.
◇C. Before mincing, first turn lock handle counter-clockwise, tighten the handwheel but not too tight.
◇D. Remove skin and bone from the meat to be minced, cut them into smaller pieces.
◇E. Feed the pieces into mincing chamber with the feed-stick supplied, do not use hands or other matter.
◇F. Disassemble the mincer head, and wash it with clean water immediately after each use, as to avoid bacteria growth.
◇G. If the minced meat is not discharged smoothly or in the form of paste, the causes and remedies could be:
a) Handle wheel is too tight thus the mincing blade does not contact properly with the discharge plate, readjust it.
b) The discharge plate is blocked. Clean it.
c) Blade edges is dull. Grind or replace it.
H. The machine can operate constantly for 15 minutes, and stop and rest for 5 minutes.
I. If the bone or other hard things are inside the mincing chamber, the current protection switch will stop the current. Disconnect the main electrical supply first, and push the switch to "O" position. Disassemble and wash the mincer head. After electrical supply is connected, push the protection switch to "-" position, the machine will be workable again.

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