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  • Model: TJ12H

Meat Mincer TJ12H CE Approval


Product Name: Meat Mincer TJ12H CE Approval
Model: TJ12H
Voltage: 220V/380V
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Weight: 27kg
Power: 0.55kg
Production Capacity: 120kg/h
Dimensions: 400x190x410mm
Remark: TJ12H-Outer armor plate, painted
Certificate: CE

◇1.Model TJ12H meat mincer is our design which is based on model TJ12 advanced technology and our creative concept.
◇2.It's driven through worm wheel.
◇3.The machine is compact in construction, of smooth and reliable running, the motor is easy to maintain and install.
◇4.The full stainless steel meet mincing unit to meat maximum hygiene standard, good looking and easy to clean.
◇5.The meat mincers are siutable for meat mincing in hotels, restaurants, kitchens and canteens.

Operation and Notes:
◇1. Before use, check that the power supply corresponds to that required by the machine, and that the external earthing wire is reliable connected.
◇2. The machine which is with 3 phases motor must be checked that the machine rotates in the direction indicated by rotation mark. If the rotation direction is wrong, change the two of the three livewires each other.
◇3. Remove the cutting group and wash them with clean water, then reassemble them as original and screw the latch.
◇4. Remove skin and bone from the meat to be minced, cut them into pieces to suit the feed-size.
◇5. Feed the pieces into mincing chamber with the feed-stick supplied, don't use other material.
◇6. After used, dismantling the cutting group immediately and wash them, as to avoid bacteria growth.
◇7. If the minced meat is not discharged smoothly or in the form of paste, the causes and remedies could be:
1) Front nut is tighten too much thus the mincing blade not contact properly with the discharge plate, readjust it.
2) The discharge plate is blocked, clean it.
3) Blade deges is dull, grind or replace it.

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