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  • Model: TC52

Meat Mincer TC52 CE Approval


Product Name: Meat Mincer TC52 CE approval
Model: TC52
Voltage: ~220V / 3~380V
Frequency: 50Hz
Weight: 438kg
Power: 5.5kw
Production Capacity: 1300kg/h
Dimensions: 800x1350x1220MM

Model TC52 meat mincer is designed for high performance. It is siutable for meat mincing. It has many outstanding advantages as follow:
◇1. Adopted belt wheel with chain wheel drive method, structure tight, run calm and easy repair.
◇2. The full stainlesss steel body and meat mincing unit to meet maximun hygiene standard. No sharp corner and gap to reach safty requirement.
◇3. It is equipped with push-button switch, accord with safty quality standard.
◇4. The max yield for the TC52 of the meat mincer is 1300kg/h approx.
◇5. There are four wheels and four feet under meat mincer TC52.

Operation and notes:
◇1. Before use, check that the power supply corresponds to that required by the machine, and the external earthing wire is reliable connected.
◇2. Remove the cutting group and wash them with clean water, then reassemble them as original and screw the latch.
◇3. When start the machine at the first time, should check the machine running is correct. If not correct, please change and connect the power line (must be changed by professional one).
Attention: before confirm the running, can not operate the mincing, otherwise the parts will be damaged. Must be operated after everything is confirmed ok.
◇4. Before start the machine, must check if the screw is tight enough. If the front screw too tight or too loose, it will cause singularity noise, and will cause the machine can not work.
◇5. Remove skin and bone from the meat to be minced, cut them into pieces to suit the feed-size.
◇6. Feed the pieces into mincing chamber with the feed-stick supplied, don''''t use other material.
◇7. When finished, please stop the power first, then take out the front screw-discharge plate-knife-pusher, and clean it by wet cloth. For the next usage of the machine. just install the parts by reverse gradation.
Attention: The machine must be stopped before cleaning.

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