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  • Model: HDD36

Hydraulic Dough Divider HDD36


Product Name: Hydraulic Dough Divider HDD36
Model: HDD36
Voltage: 220v
Rate Frequency : 50Hz
Power: 1.1kw
Pieces :36
Scope: 30-100g
Dimension: 520x420x1400mm
Weight: 200kg
Working Way: Hydraulic

◇1.Dough Divider of Series HDD36 is an ideal wheaten food and pastry processing machine for the food processing enterprises, such as western-style cake shops, dining halls of enterprises and schools.
◇2.It is with the features of stainless steel external construction, fine appearance, stable working process and low noise and high efficiency.
◇3.Stainless steel outer structure, beautiful and good looking.
◇4.Divide into 36 pieces of dough every time, high efficiency.
◇5.Every piece weight 30-100g, a wide scope of application.
◇6.Four is convenient to move.

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