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  • Model: LSGH-24

Gas Griddle (Flat Plate)


LSGH-24 Gas Griddle (Flat Plate)
Model#: LSGH-24
Dimensions: 609660565 mm
Power: 48000BTU/hr
N/W: 79kg
LSGH-36 Gas Griddle (Flat Plate)
Model#: LSGH-36
Dimensions: 914660565 mm
Power: 71000BTU/hr
N/W: 115kg
LSGH-48 Gas Griddle (Flat Plate)
Dimensions: 1219660565 mm
Power: 95000BTU/hr
N/W: 147kg

◇All stainless steel body with built-in burners.
◇Individual electronic direct spark ignition and flame failure safety device. ◇20mm thick griddle plate.
◇152mm adjustable legs.

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