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  • Model: LGT-RF-2

Gas Fryer 1-Tank (2-Basket)


LGT-RF-2 Gas Fryer 1-Tank (2-Basket)
Model#: LGT-RF-2
Dimensions: 3987001100+35mm
Power: 61605BTU/hr
N/W: 53 kg
LGT-RF-3 Gas Fryer 1-Tank (2-Basket)
Model#: LGT-RF-3
Dimensions: 5007001080 mm
Power: 92410 BTU/hr
N/W: 62kg

◇Over-temperature secure protection device.
◇Devices are preset to city gas, natural gas or LPG.
◇Energy saving 20-30% more than traditional one.

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