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  • Model: LBG-24

Gas Char Broiler


LBG-14 Gas Char Broiler
Model#: LBG-14
Dimensions: 356770360+100 mm
Power: 50000BTU/hr
Burners: 2
N/W: 56kg
LBG-24 Gas Char Broiler
Dimensions: 610770360+100 mm
Power: 100000BTU/hr
Burners: 4
N/W: 94kg
LBG-36 Gas Char Broiler
Dimensions: 915770360+100 mm
Power: 150000BTU/hr
Burners: 6
N/W: 134kg
LBG-48 Gas Char Broiler
Model#: LBG-48
Dimensions: 1220770360+100 mm
Power: 200000BTU/hr
Burners: 8
N/W: 174kg

◇All stainless steel body and high heating efficiency.

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