Product Details
  • Model: TQ-5

Food Cut Up Machine


Product Name: Food Cut Up Machine TQ-5
Model: TQ-5
Power: 370w
Voltage: 220v
productivity: 80kg/h
Capacity: 5L
Dimension: 530x420x540mm
Certificate: CE

◇1. Food cutting machine is specially designed for cutting meat and vegetables.
◇2. It can cut meat,vegetable and fruit rapidly to make fillings.The machine is driven by worm wheels and worm-type speed-down gears.The machine has the characteristics of compact struture, fine appearance, easy operation and high efficiency.
◇3. The machine is equipation more safe and reliable. All parts that contact the food directly are made of anti-corrosion All alloy and stainless steel, which are endurable in use and in conformity with national food hygienic standard.

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