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  • Model: HEP-1-1

Electric Pizza Oven

HEP-1-1 (1-Layer) Electric Pizza Oven
Model#: HEP-1-1
Dimensions: 9101120430 mm
Power: 7.2kW
Volts: 3N-380V/50Hz
N/W: 88kg
HEP-2-1 (1-Layer) Electric Pizza Oven
Model#: HEP-2-1
Dimensions: 910820430 mm
Power: 4.2kW
Volts: 3N-380V/50Hz
N/W: 68kg

◇Boracic board inner. This board can absorb
quantity of heat quickly with good atomization
to make pizza outstanding.
◇Individual thermostats in every layer. Freewill
even temperature controller. The max temperature
is 500C. Energy saving.
◇Structure reasonable. Easy in use.

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