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  • Model: LEP-26

Electric Fryer -Freestanding Type


LEP-26 (Single tank 2-basket fryer) Electric Fryer -Freestanding Type
Model#: LEP-26
Dimensions: 400840940 mm
Power: 10kW
Volts: 380V
N/W: 38kg
LEP-26-2 (Double-tank 4-basket fryer) Electric Fryer -Freestanding Type
Dimensions: 880840940 mm
Power: 20kW
Volts: 380V
N/W: 56kg
LEP-26-3 (Three-tank 3-basket fryer) Electric Fryer -Freestanding Type
Dimensions: 780770930 mm
Power: 4.5+4.5+4.5kW
Volts: 220-240V
N/W: 74kg

◇All stainless steel body with heavy duty heating element,
time setting device and temperature control function.

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