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  • Model: LHX-1S

Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven


LHX-1S Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven
Dimensions: 1080/1380555420 mm
Workstation Dimensions: 560385 mm
Power: 6.7kW
Volts: 230V/50Hz
Rotating speed range: 4~75cm/minute
LHX-2S Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven
Dimensions: 1520/19407401130 mm
Workstation Dimensions: 800540 mm
Power: 10.3kW
Volts: 3N-380V/50Hz
Rotating speed range: 4~75cm/minute

◇The digital panel can show the rotating speed
and working status of heating elements.The unit
is easy to operate and every specification can be
seen at a glance.The rotating direction can be changed.

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