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  • Model: LXD-8A

Electric Convection Oven


LXD-8A Electric Convection Oven
Model#: LXD-8A
Dimensions:834672572 mm
Chamber dimensions:700360460 mm
Power: 6.4kW
Volts: 220-240V/50Hz, 1 phase
Heating elements:2

◇Steaming function.
LXD-8A-XF Ferment Case
Model#: LXD-8A-XF
Dimensions:834672572 mm
Power: 2kW
Volts: 220 V/50Hz
Water inlet pressure: 50~200kPa

◇Adopa convection heating mode.
◇High Heating efficiency and heat can be distributed more evenly. ◇Cold water is sprayed onto hot plate to generate vapor.No water dew on top or inside surface.
◇Visual window made of toughened glass to monitor inside condition.

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