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  • Model: LEF-4L-2

Electric 2-Tank Fryer (2-Basket)


LEF-4L-2 Electric 2-Tank Fryer (2-Basket)
Model#: LEF-4L-2
Dimensions: 490390310 mm
Power: 2.0+2.0kW
N/W: 9.5kg
LEF-6L-2 Electric 2-Tank Fryer (2-Basket)
Model#: LEF-6L-2
Dimensions: 540410285 mm
Power: 2.5+2.5kW
N/W: 12kg
LEF-8L-2 Electric 2-Tank Fryer (2-Basket)
Dimensions: 540420340 mm
Power: 3.25+3.25kW
N/W: 14kg
LEF-11L-2 Electric 2-Tank Fryer (2-Basket)
Dimensions: 670440335 mm
Power: 3.5+3.5kW
N/W: 15kg
Volts: 220-240V /50Hz

◇All stainless steel body with heavy duty heating element, temperature control function and over temperature protective device.

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