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  • Model: LSP520

Dough Sheeter LSP520


Product Name: Dough Sheeter LSP520
Model: LSP520
Voltage: 220/380V
Rate Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 0.75kW
Dimension: 2430x875x1230mm
Certification: CE

◇Special motor are used for two-way pressing of LSP dough sheet,equipped with safety cover.They are suitable for pressing dough by bakeries, hotels,restaurants and canteen.

Important notes:
◇1.Set it on a dry horizontal desktop, take it firm.
◇2.Before use, ensure that power supply corresponds to that required by the machine and external ground wire is reliably connected.
◇3.that dough sheet is not too thin once, lack of the motor power.
◇4.It is necessary to put down the guard, before switching on the machine.
◇5.The operational regulations indicated by the machine escutcheon.
◇6.After used each time, clean carefully the machine, as to avoid bacteria growth.

IMPORTANT: All maintenance works should be carried out after having removed the plug socket.
The motor and parts should be worn gradually, clean and maintenance the machine, keep the machine used long. Suggest users:
◇1.After used each time, clean carefully the machine, as to avoid bacteria growth.
◇2.To add of replace lubrication grease, about six-monthly.
◇3.Check the tension of the chain, about monthly.
◇4.Check the electric circuit, about six-monthly.

Trouble shooting:
◇1.Can not starting the machine:
-Electric connectors are loose.
-The protections has not action.
◇2.The protections do not action:
-Open the cover, check fork of safety switch connecting is loose.
-Check the electric circuit of safety switch.
◇3.The temperature of the machine is too high:
-Working time too long.
-Lack of voltage, check the supply voltage.
-Over load, or machine running is wrong.
◇4.Low in efficiency:
-Check the motor.
-The chain loosen, remove rear the cover, twist the screw, and chain tighten, or replace it.

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