Product Details
  • Model: XW-B-42



XW-B-42 Dishwasher
Dimension: 500550850 mm
Hourly Capacity: 1200 glasses/items per hour
Wash Cycle Time: Variable, from 1 to 21/2 minutes
Wash Pump: 0.28kW
Wash Tank Capacity: 12 Liters
Wash Tank Heater: 0.25kW / 0.5kW
Wash temperature: 60℃ to 65℃
Rinse Tank Capacity: 8 Liters
Rinse Tank Heater: 2.4kW /6kW (380V)
Rinse Temperature: 82℃
Electrical Input: 240V/380V 50Hz
Hot Water Input: 200 kPa to 400 kPa
N/W: 59kg

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