Product Details
  • Model: BX150A

150L Stainless Steel Filling Mixer BX150A


Product Name: 150L Stainless Steel Filling Mixer BX150A
Model: BX150A
Voltage: 380v
Weight: 265kg
Power: 1.5kw
Production capacity: 150L/per time
Dimension: 1100x660x1260mm
Certification: CE

◇1.The filling mixer is designed to mix various food-shaped pieces like filling.
◇2.It works with two stirrers to whirl from positive to negative in the charging basket so that getting very uniform mixed materials.
◇3.The parts of the filling mixer that contact the food are made of stainless steel or specially treated surfaces, which are in conformity with the national food hygienicy standard.
◇4.The filling mixers install electromotor protect device, it will stop the power automatically when it overload or under reverse circs.

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